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June 2002
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D. J. Racing Cars
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Corvette Fans Enjoy the Corvette Hospitality Area
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Mid-Ohio Hospitality
Watkins Glen Hospitality

D. J. Racing Cars
Have Been Active

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D. J. Race Enterprise

The D. J. Race team has been extremely active over the summer months. "Racing is the mainstream for the team," says Danny Kellermeyer president of D. J. Race Enterprise, "but we realize the importance of being a part of the Corvette community and are glad to be a part of many of the Corvette activities".
The following are some of these events:

  • SAE Banquet Awards Dinner
  • C5 Birthday Bash - NCM
  • 50th Tour Sloan Kick-off Show
  • Supporting various NCCC autocross events
  • Americas Corvette Tech Center Show
  • Corvette Driving Schools (Three single days)
  • Corvette Club displays and guest speaker

The D. J. Race Team is pleased to offer enthusiasts the opportunity to look at the race cars, transporter, discuss products and even set in the cars and get the real feel of racing. Fan cards, tee-shirts and posters are the highlights of their racing exposure.

Corvette Fans Enjoy the Corvette Hospitality Area

Touring Challenge for Corvette Races
D. J. Race Enterprise

This 2002 racing season for the Touring Challenge for Corvettes has seen a new era as the D. J. Race Enterprise team arranged a special Hospitality area at each of the race events.

"Corvette enthusiasts have totally enjoyed the race weekend coupled with the TCC race events", say Danny Kellermeyer. "We've tried to give our Fan Involvement Program participants the chance to be a part of Corvette racing on a first hand basis, and it has been working well".

The two drivers Robert Pfeffer and Danny Kellermeyer, as well as all the D. J. Race team, have taken the time to relax and discuss all the ins and outs of racing. The weekend starts with the Corvette Corral, joining in on the technical seminar, driving the track parade lap and ending with the TCC race making these race weekends an event to cherish and enjoy.

To add to the excitement of the race weekend there has been the competition of all the drivers and especially our team drivers of Pfeffer and Kellermeyer. These two drivers have exchanged overall championship 1st and 2nd leads almost after ever race. With ten of the eleven races completed, the Championship is coming right to the last race to decided if it will be Pfeffer or Kellermeyer. This overwhelming competition has been the topic during every race weekend.

Mid-Ohio Raceway held two race weekends. Races 5 & 6 were on July 5-6, and races 7 & 8 on Aug. 3-4. Races 9 & 10 then went on to Watkins Glen International on Sept. 14-15. This was the first rain race of the season. Robert Pfeffer took the Championship lead with a fantastic drive finishing 1st in both races.

We are pleased that some Corvette owners have taken in more than just one of the races. Robert Woolley from the Street Corvette Club of Columbus, Ohio writes, "Just wanted to say thanks again for all that you did /do for your fans at Watkins Glen, along with the other tracks. I really had a great time, and am still amazed at your patience and commitment during the whole weekend. I enjoyed the seminar on Saturday.. well actually I enjoyed the whole weekend." Robert joined us at Mid-Ohio and then came to Watkins Glen for the race weekend again. He and other members of his club are discussing the possibility of being the hosting club for the next season.

"Interest like this has stemmed from the overall reception of these weekends activities", say Danny. "Everyone has been asking questions about their Corvettes and performance changes. I would anticipate that next year will snowball in responses and we may be overwhelmed".

The hospitality events will extend into one of National Corvette Council Autocross events. The team will be holding a seminar and help the Land of Lincoln Corvette Club as they support one of the largest and best events at the Lake Geneva Raceway. The Seminar will be tailored specially for this fun event Oct. 12-13.

We are pleased to be acquainted with, and have the support, of some of the best companies around. Their products and services have been the topics of discussions in the seminars during our "Fan Involvement" weekends. Quality products can only come from Quality companies and this group can only be classed at the top of the list. We have been pleased to join our teams with each other and to fly their logos with pride to the winning circles.


Shirts and fan cards have been a big hit with everyone at the tracks, shows, displays or autograph sessions. Thanks to everyone who made this season possible.


Race 7 and 8
Mid Ohio


Mid Ohio Raceway

Mid Ohio Raceway - These SCCA's races were "Corvette Centrals Touring Challenge for Corvettes" races 5 thru 8 of the eleven race series. The CORVETTE Racings, Fans, Friends, Corvette Corral, Good weather, and lots of FUN, all added to the weekends excitement at Mid Ohio.

"Fan Involvement" Race events.
Special "Thanks" to Tom Psillas and Americas Corvette Club for all their help. This club helped host both fantastic fun filled weekends for all racers, sponsors, friends and Corvette fans. Everyone had fun with the corral, parade laps, racing and the Corvette friendship. Job well done!
Link to Photos from this race


Race 9 and 10
Watkins Glen, NY


Watkins Glen International

This SCCA's race was "Corvette Centrals Touring Challenge for Corvettes" race 9 & 10 of the eleven race series. Rain didn't dampen the race nor the Corvette's Enthusiasm. Great Corvette racing, great Corvette clubs, great Corvette enthusiasts, and a great event.

Watkins Glen "Fan Involvement"
Special "Thanks" to the teams of Ron Fairs and his Southern Tier Corvette Club, which helped, make this possible. Job well done!

Link to Photos from this race

Come Join The FUN!

Be sure to follow the D. J. Race Team to Lake Geneva for the Land of Lincolns Corvette Clubs special 7 events National Corvette Council Autocross event. The Team will help host and hold a special seminar on Saturday night to add to an already exciting and fun event. If you're in the Atlanta area be sure to catch us at Road Atlanta in November for the final race of the season.

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